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Arrest and release of ship in Bangladesh


1. Change of name of the ship and registration of the ship with the port of easy registration

2. MOA between the owner and scrapper

3. Proforma Invoice is issued by the Ship owner

4. Shipowner appoints a local agent

5. Scrapper's Yard must have Certificate of Environment

6. NOC is to be collected from the Ministry of Industries by the scrapper

7. L/C to be opened by the scrapper

8. On arrival of the vessel the Local Agent shall submit a Declaration of Inward Vessel to the Deputy Traffic Manager (OP), CPA

9. IGM is submitted to Deputy Commissioner of Customs (Import) by the local agent enclosing MOA, LC, NOC and Environment Clearance 

10. Local agent applies to the Assistant Commissioner of Customs or Revenue Officer, Preventive Services, Rummage Division, Customs House for booking Rummaging Officer

11. Rummage Officer submits report

12. Local Agent's bank issues Credit Advice

13. Local Agent applies to the Chief Finance & Accounts Officer, CPA for issuance of Accounts NOC

14. Chief Finance and Accounts Officer issues NOC to the ship to leave the Port

15. Ship arrival report is jointly signed by the Master and Revenue Officer, Preventive Services, F Division, Customs House

16. Arrival Clearance issued by the Shipping Master, Govt. Shipping Office

17. Local agent issues NOR to the scrapper

18. Commodore, Superintendent Dock Yard, Bd Navy issues a Beaching Permission 

19. Local agent and scrapper jointly signs Protocol of Physical Delivery and Acceptance

20. Deputy Conservator, Port Authority issues Beaching Permission to the local agent

21. Scrapper pays customs duties

22. Commissioner of Customs issues another beaching permission

23. Beaching Captain issues a beaching certificate

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