Admiralty Court Act 1840 (Application in Bangladesh is Repealed)

Admiralty Court Act 1861 (Application in Bangladesh is Repealed)

Courts of Admiralty Act 1891 (Repealed)

Admiralty Court Act, 2000

Aircraft (Removal of Danger to Safety) Ordinance

Asian Re-insurance Corporation Act

Bangladesh Flag Vessels (Protection) Ordinance

Bangladesh Labour Act

Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation Act

Bangladesh Land Port Authority Act

Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance

Bangladesh Preservation of Environment Act

Bangladesh Shipping Corporation Ain 2017

Bangladesh Water Act

Bangladesh Ship Recycling Act

Bill of Lading Act

BSMR Maritime University, Bangladesh Act

Carriage by Air Act

Carriage by Air (International Convention) Act

Carriage by Air (Supplementary Convention) Act

Carriage of Goods by Sea Act

Carriers Act

Chittagong Port Authority Ordinance

Civil Aviation Authority Ordinance

Civil Aviation Ordinance

Coast Guard Act 

Code of Civil Procedure

Commercial Documents Evidence Act

Conservator of Ports, Lands and Buildings (Recovery of Possession) Act

Court-fees Act

Customs Act

Dangerous Cargoes Act

Environment Courts Act

Evidence Act

Fatal Accidents Act

Ferries Act

General Clauses Act

Information and Communication Technology Act

Inland Ship Operation Minimum Safe Crew Number Order

Inland Shipping Ordinance

Inland Water Transport Labour (Appointment Control) Act

Insurance Act

Lighthouse Act

Limitation Act

Marine Fisheries Ordinance

Mongla Port Authority Ordinance

Naval Armament Act

Navy (Extension of Service) Act

Navy Ordinance

Notaries Ordinance

Oaths Act

Obstructions in Fairways Act

Payra Port Authority Act

Pilotage Ordinance

Port Authorities Lands and Buildings (Recovery of Possession) Ordinance

Ports Act

Power of Attorney Act

Prevention of Interference with Aids to Navigation Ordinance

Protection of Ports (Special Measures) Act

Sale of Goods Act

Stage-Carriages Act

Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act

Water Resources Planning Act



Admiralty Court Rules

Bangladesh Fishing Vessel (Engineer Officer) Certification Rules

Bangladesh Flag Vessels (Protection) Rules

Bangladesh Merchant Shipping (Convention Implementation) Rules

Bangladesh Merchant Shipping (Certification of Deck Officers) Rules

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport (Time and Fare Table Approval) Rules

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport (Allocation of Routes and grant of Route Permits) Rules

Bill of Export Rules

Chalna Anchorage Lands and Buildings (Recovery of Possession) Rules

Chittagong Port Lands and Buildings (Recovery and Possession) Rules

Chittagong Port Supplementary Petroleum and Carbide of Calcium Rules

Civil Aviation Rules

Customs Agents (Licencing) Rules

Environment Preservation Rules

Freight Forwarders (Licencing and Operation) Rules

Frustrated Cargo Export Rules

Inland Mechanically Propelled Vessels Rules

Inland Steel Made Ships Rules

Inland Ship (Passengers) Rules

Inland Ship (Free-Board) Rules

Inland Ship (Duration) Rules

Inland Ship (Life Saving) Rules

Inland Ship (Fire Safety) Rules

Inland Ship (Examination, Curriculum, Inland Master, Driver etc.) Rules

Inland Water Transport  Authority Rules

Inland Ship (Transportation) Rules

Inland Ship (Dangerous Goods) Transport Rules

Inland Ship (Tonnage Measurement) Rules

Lighthouse Advisory Committee Rules

Marine-Commercial Officer & Sailor Training, Certification, Recruitment, Working Hours and Watch Keeping Rules

Marine Fisheries Rules

Merchant Ship Seaman Recruitment Rules

Navy Rules

Notaries Rules

Pilotage Fees Rules

Port of Chalna (Entry into Protected Area) Rules

Port Rules

Pre-Shipment Inspection Rules

Removal of Wreck and Obstructions in Inland Navigable Waterways Rules

River Conservancy and Pilotage Service Fees Rules

Rules for the Protection of Inland Steam Vessels From Danger by Explosion or Fire

Rules for the Protection of Inland Steam and Motor Vessels from Danger by Collision

Rules to Regulate the Towing and Speed of Inland Steam Vessels

Rules to Regulate the Carriage of Passengers Inland Steam Vessels

Seaman Recruiting Agents (Licencing) Rules

Ship Breaking and Recycling Rules 

Ship Surveyors (Certificate) Rules

Standing Order for Salvage of Sunken or Capsized Vessels

Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Rules

Detained Vehicles (Interim Release) Rules 

Detained Vehicles and Goods (Interim Release) Rules 



Bangladesh Merchant Shipping (Radio) Regulations

Regulations for Working of Chittagong Port (Cargo and Container)

Traffic Manual for Chittagong Port